First name : Fred

Name : Austruy

Age : 26 years old

Residence : Millau (Aveyron, France)

Disciplines : Slopestyle, Descent and Enduro

Since I was a little boy, I have always loved practicing sport. I managed rather well in all the
disciplines I tried, notably football and even French “pétanque”. When I was in the football sports-
study program, I met Eric with whom I discovered mountain biking; this sport quickly became a true
passion for me, and even an addiction, as I had to stop playing football and “pétanque” to dedicate
myself to cycling.

So I stardet my new Cross-Country adventure taking part in few races and outings, but I needed
stronger sensations and at the time, descend was in ! Therefore I participated in several regional
rounds but my only focus was to perform figures on each jump of the track, and that didn’t suit the
stopwatch. So I started Freestyle, which marks the beginning of a long and great story!
I was born in a very humble family, so it was difficult for me to pay my equipment. Nevertheless I
always managed to find small jobs, or sell objects that I didn’t need anymore, all this with the
objective of being able to go on cycling without any interruption, and with good equipment. But
despite all my efforts, I didn’t always earn enough money to replace a broken frame or a rear wheel…
So at one point, I had to stop living my passion for several weeks in a row. With time, my technical
level became promising, and I soon ranked among the best French riders in this discipline. I very
quickly understood I had to gain a reputation in the field in order to attract sponsors, and not have to
pay for my equipment to be able to progress quicker and better. So at 17 I posted articles and photos
in magazines and on the Internet, taking the initiative to go and meet the media; step after step my
name got into people’s heads. From there on, I integrated a first Team then a second one 3 years
later. That enabled me to become a professional, to travel and to have more means to take part in
competitions. I got good results and started my company to be independent and choose my own
partners. My status of rider included having sponsors, taking part in competitions and developing my
image through press and web publications. At 20 I joined a team specialized in trial and dirt jump
mountain biking shows. Since then I have been working in the professional field with the support of
my partners; I shoot a lot, I try to be very present in the media to ensure maximum brand visibility
for the firms who trust me.
My strength is to communicate for my sponsors in three disciplines : Slopestyle, Freeride (Dh) and
Thanks to this global promotion, my partners benefit from key visibility on the Internet, via the social
networks, in magazines but also during the Freestyle Shows or bike animations.
Moreover, my partners are also represented via my new bike show & animations “Bike Resolution”
which travels through France to participate in many various events.
If I have managed to earn a living with my passion, It is simply because I am hard working and strong
minded! Because I have always thought it was better living one’s dreams than dreaming one’s life.
And I do go on working hard to achieve my objectives.